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Are you currently:

Unhappy in your current job?

Afraid to start your dream business?

Feeling stuck & not moving forward?

Overwhelmed & frustrated?

Unsure of where to start?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone – and there is help.

Yes, job searching and the hiring process can be tough out there right now but there is also a lot of opportunity.

It can be scary to venture out of your comfort zone and start a business, but you can be successful launching a business.

Staying stuck is a choice, but you can choose differently and be in a totally different place in 365 days from now.

Feeling overwhelmed & frustrated is miserable, but you can feel relieved and ready to move forward to take action.

Not knowing where to start can be defeating, but you can learn the steps necessary to propel you forward.

You just need to get an action plan in place and TAKE ACTION!

Building an action plan means identifying your goals, prioritizing them, developing a list of steps to take, strategizing on resources, and committing to implementing that plan.  It means doing the work needed.  If it sounds like a lot of work – it’s because IT IS A LOT of WORK!  You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and take the necessary steps to get ahead. And with the right coaching and practice, you can do it well and seamlessly. Let’s get you started!

How do I know if I’m ready to BOOK with Shawna for a FREE

Shining Outcomes Career & Life Action Plan 45-Minute Consult?

You are not getting results on your own.

You want to speed up your process.

You are willing to do the work needed.

You are ready to take action and get results.

You want and need help.

It’s a FREE 45-Minute Consult and there’s no obligation to work with me.  We’ll find out if it’s a good fit to work together and if it’s not that’s okay.

But what if there’s something valuable that you get on this call and you don’t come because you’re holding yourself back for some reason?  It’s risk-free and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Schedule your call & let’s get strategizing!

“Shawna is quite the expert in her field.  She has a unique way of pulling things out of you in a comfortable conversation and you don’t even realize how much info she’s giving back to you.  She somehow quickly summarizes your qualities and shows you all the skills that you didn’t even realize you had.  She showed me the opportunities that I could leverage and gave me confidence in areas that I never thought I would be confident in.“

Tonya, Business Owner, CA

Meet Shawna

For decades, Shawna has helped people find their confidence, identify what they bring to the table, improve their self-sales skills, polish their interview competencies, plan their career trajectory, and more.  She is a masterful Interview, Career, & Life Coach that helps you strategize your overall career options, dreams, and goals so you can truly live the life you love.

Shawna has over 30+ years in Corporate America working in for-profit and non-profit organizations across the Auto, Education, Health Care, and Financial industries in roles from HR, Recruiting, Management, Operations, IT, Sales, Marketing, Program/Project Management, QA/QI, Analysis, Training, and Coaching. Throughout her career she’s interviewed tons of candidates, built and managed large teams, ran large program/project teams, promoted many team members, and helped people land the jobs they want.  It’s time you focused on what you want, need, and deserve. 

Shawna Champlin is a results driven Interview,  Career, & Life Coach, motivational Speaker, and bestselling Author.


Phone: +1 (208) 610-1750