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Q&A Call

I help both jobseekers and business owners with various types of services. One way to find out if I’m a good fit to help you with your goals is to attend one of my webinars or Q&A calls. 

A few of the things I get questions about all the time for job seekers are:

  • How do I update my resume quickly?

  • What are employers looking for these days?

  • How do I compete against other candidates?

  • How do I showcase my extensive experience and expertise?

  • What questions do I need to be prepared to ask or answer?

A few of the things I get questions about all the time for business owners are:

  • What skills should I be looking for in candidates?

  • How do I hire the right team members?

  • How do I train my team while running the business?

  • How do I become a better leader?

It’s time to land your dream job and live the life you want. Sign up for my next Free Open Q&A call today!

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Meet Shawna

For decades, Shawna has helped people find their confidence, identify what they bring to the table, improve their self-sales skills, polish their interview competencies, plan their career trajectory, and more.  She is a masterful Interview, Career, & Life Coach that helps you strategize your overall career options, dreams, and goals so you can truly live the life you love.

Shawna has over 30+ years in Corporate America working in for-profit and non-profit organizations across the Auto, Education, Health Care, and Financial industries in roles from HR, Recruiting, Management, Operations, IT, Sales, Marketing, Program/Project Management, QA/QI, Analysis, Training, and Coaching. Throughout her career she’s interviewed tons of candidates, built and managed large teams, ran large program/project teams, promoted many team members, and helped people land the jobs they want.  It’s time you focused on what you want, need, and deserve. 

Shawna Champlin is a results driven Interview,  Career, & Life Coach, motivational Speaker, and bestselling Author.


Phone: +1 (208) 610-1750